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If we were to go around the table on Thursday and list all of the things we're thankful for, here is who I'd thank (in no particular order):

Arthur -- my husband of nearly 45 years, who was the prototype for Bill in Dear Heart -- supportive, steadfast, loyal and true and the personification of unconditional love. Yes, he sometimes drives me batshit crazy, but that's nothing compared to what he's had to put up with all these years.

My family -- who shall go unnamed and unremarked upon because they don't want to be in the limelight, but they ground me and support me and had to at least be mentioned.

Albert and Mary Ann Lencioni -- the best parents ever and still a source of wisdom, comfort and inspiration even though they have passed from this world.

Solstice Publishing and Melissa Miller, Kathi Sprayberry and KateMarie Collins -- for making my dream come true.

Pat and Vance and Jill and Jeff, my oldest friends and the people most likely to bail my silly ass out of jail were I ever to land there, which if I did, most likely Pat would be in the cell next to me.

Denise and John, who motivated me to finish Dear Heart when all I wanted to do was watch tv and eat potato chips.

Elaine and Diane who sent me my very first fan mail, which made me feel rich and famous, of which I am neither.

Monthly shopping and lunch trips with my sister, who believes, as I do, that Home Goods and Marshall's rock, and who shares my food philosophy which is: the more carbs the better.

My new Dell laptop, which is so freaking fast it cut my work time in half.

The Pennsylvania Lottery for selling hope on a piece of cardboard.

My fellow Solstice authors who have been generous beyond belief in sharing information and tips about the trade, and especially Kathleen Janz-Anderson, who has tweeted and shared every one of my books' posts.

Each and every one of my 1,179 Twitter followers and 138 Facebook friends, who are probably sick of seeing Dear Heart and Sweet Heart ads, but have stuck with me nevertheless.

Glenda and Tina, Tom and Maurene, Lesla, Cindy, Elaine and Chill, John and Judith and Dave who knew me before I became semi-famous, and keep the more outrageous of my exploits to themselves.

Sam, who is a source of pure joy even though he gets me up at two in the morning to scratch his ears.

GIANT FOOD STORES for reinstating the free Thanksgiving turkey program, not because I can't afford to buy a turkey but because it's been a Thanksgiving tradition for as long as I can remember, and it just wasn't the same last year without it.

EXCELLENCE by L'oreal without which I'd look like my grandmother in my profile pics.

And R -- YK.

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