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I was swept away by this beautiful love story of Deirdre and Lee, each told in their own voices, Deirdre in Dear Heart and Lee in Sweet Heart. It’s sensuous, but never goes too far, descriptive to perfection, and charged with a love and a flame that will never die. Beautifully written by a gifted author.

For the romantic. An inspiring well written love story.  A beautifully written love story.  Absolutely loved the theme and setting of this wonderful piece. But most of all my favorite part was the ending. Moved me to tears.

Linda Lingle has done it again! Her new "Sweet Heart" is every bit as compelling and engaging as "Dear Heart." I did not put it down until I had read the entire book. Anyone who has had a well-guarded personal romance, regardless of the degree, will identify with the story, finding it as rich as the tale portrayed here by the author. These two books have all the necessary elements for an appealing movie.

I loved this book. What a great inspiring love story. Linda Lingle has written two books that tell such a heart warming story that endures through time and separation in a way that makes you feel like you know these people and they become your friends.

I loved this secret romance story!

I enjoyed this story so much! When reading a sequel, I am always concerned that the book will not be as good as the first. In this case, it’s not a follow-up story, it is a parallel or companion story and it’s just as good as the first book!  Everything about “Sweet Heart” is the equal of Linda’s first book, “Dear Heart”; dialogue, scene-setting and action are just as charming! This first-person POV is just as pleasurable as the first and is told from the man’s perspective.  While not providing any spoilers, I was especially entranced by the ending of the story, it was so appropriate!

I am giving “Sweet Heart” a score of 5.0 stars! I found 1 spelling error, but the story is such a pleasure to read.