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This is a new author whose first book is a page turner. Erotic and heartbreaking I fell in love with the characters and their passion.

Hauntingly beautiful story, well-written and engaging. I read it in one sitting. Believable characters with whom most readers can identify. The "surprises" are so well-crafted that the reader won't identify them as such. Good flow to the tale! A sequel? Terrific!

What a beautiful story that would make an even better movie. I read it in one sitting. Looking forward to other publications by this author.

Dear Heart is a fabulous story, filled with engaging characters and an intriguing plot. Linda Lingle is a creative, funny and compassionate writer and her first book is not to be missed. Look for more great novels from this promising author in the future. In the meantime, treat yourself to the Kindle today; you won`t regret it for a second!!!

I was finally able to sit down last Saturday and enjoy reading it cover to cover in one sitting. Loved it!! Truly, it kept my interest and I had tears at the end. The characters were all so realistic and likable. Well done and wishing you all rave reviews!

I read your book Dear Heart. I couldn’t put it down. I loved it. Can’t wait to read your next one. Congratulations.

6 * at least. A different kind of a love story. So beautiful I had to re-read the first half to experience the thrill again. Loved it.

A book that made me forget my day to day life completely. The characters are drawn with such skill and detail, I was involved from the first page. A different kind of love story, but one that made me think, we don't know what goes on in other people's hearts. A book full of humanity and an understanding of people. I loved it.

Skillfully written, funny, passionate, heart-wrenching and an absolute page turner.

A must read for the romantic!  Cozy up and relax to a romantic tale of inspiring, forbidden, lost and found love. A warm expression that will visibly take you on a journey with the two main characters that are destined to be soul mates.

This story of the passionate affair between Deirdre and Lee sent me on a roller coaster of emotions. I laughed, I cried, I felt incredulous at times and I felt a longing to experience the love they shared. The book will engage you from page 1 until the end.

The book is a quick and very good read. Once I started the book I could not put it down. Ms. Lingle's descriptions and writing are so interesting. Anyone that enjoys love stories would enjoy this book. 

I was taken into another world reading this beautiful love story...the prose are mesmerizing. It was love at first sight for Deirdre and Lee. Sometimes a love is so intense it never dies. 

Prose that will make you shiver with delight...

Sometimes a book will bring us something unexpected. For me… Well, here’s the review ~

When I was younger, pre-high school up to twenty-five, I enjoyed romance stories. Specifically, True Romance. I didn’t and haven’t read “romance” as a genre. But… the minute I started reading Dear Heart I sat up straight, my eyes popped open and my ears perked. I’d never read anything like it.

It’s about two people who meet at work and fall into a torrid love affair. I don’t like slut or porn. It turns me off. The thing is, while reading this book I knew it was wrong, but the descriptions were mesmerizing. It wasn’t the thrill of sneaking around doing naughty things that excited me, it was the words that rolled off the lips-of-my-ears with a sort of lyrical love-dance that pulled me into the story.  They ended their affair for the sake of others….

The beauty of the story isn’t all about the words, though they are the biggest part of it for me. Still, without the tremendous love between Deirdre and Lee, there wouldn’t have been a story. It’s beautiful in that as old age creeps in, we see that the excitement of their love has never died, and their love makes it just a fresh as when they first met.

I wasn’t sure what to think when I started to read this book about marital infidelity. It’s written in first person POV, which I greatly enjoy, when it’s done right. There is no danger of head hopping in this story.

The more I read, the more I enjoyed this wistfully told tale. I lived in San Francisco and the bay area for a number of years and I felt right at home in the story. The scene-setting was delightful, action and dialogue were perfect. I laughed out loud more than once. My eyes got a little sweaty once or twice also.

This story was such a wonderful pleasure to read.

Linda Lingle's first romance is one to take you for an emotional ride.  Another story that transcends time and boundaries.  You won't put this one down!

This is an interesting story laid out as a compilation of diary entries that tell the story of responsibility overcoming true love. 

The narrator is married and her love interest is, too. But, when a work relationship becomes so much more – they have to navigate their way through to each other. The idea of cheating on your spouse is distasteful to me, but the story goes on in a way that you can’t help but feel for the pair.

After a whirlwind romance, life takes hold and everything changes.  Will the soul mates reunite? Or will their everyday lives keep them apart? 

I really enjoyed the format of this story and how the author was able to bring it to a comfortable close. While adultery might not be a topic that everyone is comfortable with, the love story at the center of it will keep you reading.  

This was something that I would definitely suggest!

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