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I've had the privilege and honor to have been interviewed by some very special people who've enjoyed Dear Heart and Sweet Heart.   If you want to know more about me, my books or my writing philosophy, these interviews, and my bio below, will tell you what makes me tick.

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A Little About Me

I began writing at a young age and had some early success with my whimsical short stories. Then life intervened and I took a break from writing to build a career in public service.   

After retiring, the story line for my first novel, Dear Heart, came to me out of the blue, sparking my imagination and reigniting my enthusiasm for writing.   Dear Heart was picked up by Solstice Publishing in 2018, and its companion book, Sweet Heart, was picked up by Solstice a few months later. I am currently working on a third love story, Interoffice Romance, and an exposè about labor unions, Officer Kelly.

I live in Pennsylvania with my long-suffering husband, Arthur, and my rescue dog, Sam.

You can follow my exploits and adventures here:

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