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May 1, 2020

One of the most exciting things in the Publishing industry is meeting interesting people who are talented authors and write intriguing stories. After reading Dear Heart by Linda Lingle, I had a few questions about her story and the characters.

1) Don’t you think Frank and many other people like Frank should know the truth about their parents?

That’s a good question and one that’s not easily answered. To me, all things are relative, so I believe that everyone has a right to know who their parents are, as long as no one is hurt by that knowledge. In the book, if Frank had known who his father was while Deirdre, Lee and Bill were still alive, it would have made for a much different story. The conflict would have centered on Frank and his struggles to reconcile his feelings about his paternity, and that’s not the story I wanted to tell. As it was, when Frank found out Lee was his father, he reacted badly, and it wasn’t until his wife intervened that he understood that Deirdre and Lee made an enormous sacrifice in not telling him the truth.

2) Tell me a few things about Bill, he loved Frank and never said anything, I have mixed feelings. What do you think about him and for people like Bill?

I love Bill’s character. Bill is the quintessential good guy. He’s not a romantic, like Lee, but he is stalwart and steady and dependable and, most importantly, Bill understands that things are not always black or white; he’s able to see the shades of grey – the nuances in any situation. That is why he was able to stay with (and continue to love) Deirdre, even after he realized she had had an affair, and why he accepted Frank as his son unconditionally. That being said, I also love Lee’s character. You don’t learn much about Lee in Dear Heart, but he’s a good guy too, and his story is heart-wrenching. If you thought Lee was an interloper and somewhat of a villain in Dear Heart, I guarantee that you’ll change your mind about him when you read Sweet Heart.

3) Lovers and secret lives, why?

Deirdre and Lee became lovers because they craved physical intimacy, which was non-existent in their marriages, and their souls recognized that in each other when they met. They maintained a secret life because they wanted to be together, but they didn’t want Bill or Lee’s daughters to be hurt by their affair.

4) Why did the lovers have to wait for so long to reunite?

Since they didn’t want anyone to be hurt by their relationship, they had to wait until Deirdre’s husband and Lee’s wife passed away. At that point, and with their children grown, their responsibilities to their families were fulfilled and they could finally be together.

5) What is love?

Love is the all-consuming desire to be with the person who sets you on fire, physically, emotionally and/or intellectually.

6) Tell me a few things about you.

I’m probably a cross between Deirdre and Denise. I’m a risk-taker like Deirdre but I’m not as refined and well-spoken as she is. My personality is more like Denise’s. As a writer, I ascribe to the philosophy that writing is 90% inspiration and 10% perspiration, which goes against everything any successful writer will tell you, but there it is.

7) Where can readers find you and your books?

The best place to find out about me and my books is on my website: LindaLingleBooks. In addition to a wealth of information about Dear Heart and Sweet Heart, there are a few of my short stories on the site, as well as information about my works in progress.

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