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Christopher Alan is a brash new reader at The Whitney-Sloan Agency, where he works for the very proper editor of Contemporary Fiction, Katherine Bradshaw.  Chris’s easygoing nature and casual familiarity unsettle Kate, but she soon finds herself responding in kind to Chris’s wit and charm. 


As their relationship grows, Chris discovers that Kate is engaged to Cameron Whitney, the handsome and wealthy son of the Agency’s founder.  Down but not out, Chris bides his time until Kate loses a best-selling author.  Then, with a little help from her secretary, James, Chris makes a stunning move that he hopes will save Kate’s job and win her heart.


Told through a series of emails, text messages and memoranda, INTEROFFICE ROMANCE is a fast-paced read that will appeal to everyone who roots for the underdog and believes that even the unlikeliest of dreams can come true.  

The Music That Inspires the Writing & Advances The Story

As Sung by Michael Buble

Just Haven't Met You Yet - Opening Credits - Christopher's First Day 

You've Got A Friend In Me - Christopher and James Finally Bond

All I Do Is Dream Of You - Christopher Daydreams About Kate

Nobody But Me - Christopher Finds Out About Cam 

Close Your Eyes - Kate Screws Up 

Feeling Good - Christopher and James Save The Day

These songs are intermingled

Crazy Little Thing Called Love - James & Kate Dancing At Party

The Way You Look Tonight - Christopher Watching James & Kate Dance

Put Your Head On My Shoulder - Christopher and Kate Dancing

Be My Baby - Christopher and Cam Fight 

Cold December - Christopher's Christmas

Dream - Christopher After Kate's Promotion

Tell Him He's Yours - Kate leaves Cam 

You and I - Christopher and Kate

I've Got The World On A String - Closing Credits - Happy Ending

Interoffice Romance
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