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Donnie Lansdale Narrates Sweet Heart!

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Donnie Lansdale as Hartley Albert Rutherford Tate (Lee)


Donnie is a professional voice-over artist with a mature voice that is as smooth as silk.  Recently retired after more than twenty years as a radio broadcaster, Donnie worked for several stations, including the largest country music radio station in the state of Michigan. Donnie now perfects his craft in his own well-equipped home studio, where he hosts multi-episode podcasts, creates his own Tik Tok videos, and makes plans to expand his business. 

Let me tell you something about Donnie Lansdale -- the man has heart, and he worked tirelessly to perfect Lee's delivery. Like Lee, Donnie overcame a number of daunting obstacles to achieve his dream.  But he did so with unfailing good humor, commitment, and an enthusiasm that equaled Lee's when he finally got to set the stage for his reunion with Deirdre! 

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You can contact Donnie at:

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Donnie and I want to give a special shoutout to Sheryl Steele Simpson, who served as Donnie's producer, editor, audience, critic and tireless cheerleader!  Donnie says that he could not have narrated Sweet Heart as well as he did without Sheryl, and there is no doubt that she was a valued and integral part of the process.  In fact, when we needed a different voice to portray the character of Frank in the audiobook, Sheryl took on that challenge, and nailed the narration in one take!   

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