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Sara Morsey brings Dear Heart to life in the audiobook!

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Sara Morsey as Deirdre Elaine Anderson Reid


Born an artist, Sara took a foray into the health sciences before pursuing the art in her soul as a profession. An artist, actor, and audiobook narrator, Sara holds a Master of Fine Arts Degree from the University of Louisville. Sara has a versatility with language and dialects and the ability to translate many years of professional acting onstage to the medium of the audiobook. She cherishes her time with her family who all live life artistically.

When I wrote Dear Heart I could hear the cadence and pitch and timber of Deirdre's voice very clearly in my head. But, almost instantly, Sara Morsey's voice overpowered the one in my imagination. The sheer artistry of Sara's performance perfectly captures Deirdre's wistful yet full existence as she navigated life without Lee.   

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