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Just when I thought I had it all mapped out, WHAM, don't I get hit with a thunderbolt of inspiration that would not be denied? I knew it was the real deal because I spent all day Friday in my nightgown selecting photos for the characters, posting teasers on Facebook and Twitter, and updating my website. And I couldn't get through those preliminaries fast enough so I could get back to the manuscript.

Frankly, it's been awhile since I felt the urge to open a vein and work on a book, but on January 11, 2019 -- my mother's birthday, coincidentally, some preternatural force (probably Mom), gave me a swift kick in the ass, and now I'm in full don't-stop-writing-long-enough-to-take-a-shower-get-dressed-cook-clean-or-walk-the-dog mode -- and it feels great!

So, since you'll probably be hearing about this until cows jump over the moon, I may as well start you off with a sneak peak from my website. Access it here:

And just like that, life is exciting, and full of promise and possibility again!

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