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So here's the thing: if your last name isn't Rockefeller, chances are you can't afford to buy every little thing your that heart desires. Last week was a particularly tough week for passing up treasures, but I did it, and here's the list of all the stuff I wanted to buy, but didn't.

A vintage wooden box with a heart cutout in the handle. $19.95, which wasn't bad, and $10.95 for shipping and handling, which was.

A collection of vintage Wheaton bottles made in the shape of our founding fathers, because as quaint and interesting as they are, I have no room to display them without cluttering up my study, and I'm nothing if not an anti-clutter queen.

A gypsy fortune teller bank, of which I already have two, three if you count my Magic 8 ball, which most of the time are eerily accurate..

A primitive cloth angel holding a heart Xmas tree ornament, because it would look out of place on my vintage aluminum tree or anywhere else in my mid-century modern home.

A pewter bowl with a heart design lid because, get this, it's brand new, and I actually wanted something vintage and rustic.

A new electric fireplace for my study because there's nothing wrong with the old one except that it's doesn't have any character.

A pink electric car for my niece who isn't even one yet and hasn't got a driver's license.

A 3' Minnie Mouse doll that was bigger than my niece and would probably scare her.

A white v-neck boyfriend blouse because I already have a million of them.

The fixings for lasagna because I already have a freezer full of food that we should probably eat first.

Ten boxes of lemon cookies, which are only available once a year, and this is the time of year to stock up, which would be all well and good if only we all couldn't stand to lose a few pounds.

The complete eighth season of Suits because as much I as love Harvey Specter, he isn't paying my bills.

And here's what I did buy:

Three hours with a plumber to install gas fireplace logs in our living room fireplace which were there before but we had them uninstalled when I decided I'd rather put electric candles and fairy-lights in the fireplace, which looked great but only lasted a couple of years because I got sick of changing the batteries.

One hour with an electrician who ended up only having to change out the light bulbs in our sensor lights, which we could have done if we weren't too chicken-shit to climb a ladder to the roof of our house.

Ten new Deirdre and Lee photographs from SHUTTERSTOCK.COM because you can't keep recycling the old photographs if you expect to interest anybody in your books.

Replacement ink for my printer because one has to have ink to print.

Co-pays to three doctors for routine follow-up visits for Arthur, about which I am not complaining since a co-pay is a lot cheaper than the actual cost of a doctor's visit.

A new collar for Sam who slipped his old one twice last week and nearly sent us into cardiac arrest.

And a couple of $30-lottery tickets, on which I won $50 from each, not Rockefeller money, but better than nothing.

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