Meet Deirdre and Lee, whose love triumphs, despite seemingly insurmoutable odds!

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Deirdre Reid and Hartley (Lee) Tate feel an immediate attraction when they meet at the office where they will work together and fall in love.   There is only one problem:  they are married to others and Lee has four daughters to whom he is devoted.

For 15 months Deirdre and Lee carry on a passionate affair.  Then Lee’s wife is offered a big promotion across the country.  With his heart breaking, Lee leaves Deirdre in San Francisco and moves East with his family so his wife can advance her high-powered career.  

Soon, unforeseen circumstances have Deirdre second-guessing her insistence on a clean break.  She resists every impulse to fly to Lee’s side, but on the first anniversary of their parting, Deirdre grows increasingly regretful and melancholy.  Then she receives a surprising Christmas present which sets in motion a 38-year ritual that, against all odds, keeps alive the love she shared with Lee. 

As her destiny unfolds, Deirdre dreams about finding her way back to her lover's arms, and an unlikely guide emerges to light the path of her journey.

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Heartbroken and resentful, Lee has a difficult time settling in to his new surroundings.  Knowing he made the only decision a father could make does little to lessen Lee’s profound sense of loss. 


Although he struggles to be upbeat and optimistic for the sake of his daughters, in the dark and quiet of his lonely nights, Lee relives the fifteen heady months that he spent with Deirdre, and gives free rein to the anguish and bitterness he feels because he was forced to leave her.  Then, his youngest daughter enlists Lee to help her find a Christmas gift for her favorite teacher and everything changes. 


As if guided by Fate, Lee stumbles across a poignant reminder of his time with Deirdre and sets in motion a 38-year ritual that eases his heartbreak and sustains his hope for the future. 


In this companion book to Dear Heart, Lee describes the bittersweet lifetime he lives without Deirdre, introduces us to the people who populate his world and reveals the shocking secrets he promised never to reveal.

Romance Novels by Writer Linda Lingle