I made a big decision, a little while ago. So starts my favorite poem, an untitled one by Bill Waterson. I love this poem, I can so often relate to it.

I made a big decision a few weeks ago. Up until then, all of my stories have been available exclusively at Amazon. Now, I’ve been given the opportunity to have my stories on a new platform.

This was a weighty decision for me. I’ve been exclusive with Amazon for as long as I’ve been a writer. Taking away the exclusive options for Amazon (or going wide) means that my books are no longer available on Kindle Unlimited. But in the end, I decided it was the best decision for me. My fantasy novel, Broken Patterns, is officially available on Smashwords. Here’s why.

I like Amazon, but I’m not into commitment (with my writing).  

I’m not here to get into anything about Amazon’s pros or cons. I’ve never had any beef with them, personally. But I don’t love the idea of having just one company have total control of my stories. They might change their algorithms at any time, and suddenly my book’s less visible. Or, their site might go down. I mean, it is the internet, after all.

If Broken Patterns is available in more than one place, there’s security in that. If one site goes down, there’s another one to fall back on. 


Different devices, different readers.

Amazon is pretty impressive, but not everyone has an Amazon device. For those people, Amazon only books might be difficult to get their hands on. You know what else a lot of people have? Apple products. You know what doesn't work on Apple products? Amazon apps.   

I love that people can read my stories on any device they have. I don't ever want the wrong technology to be the reason someone doesn't read one of my stories.


More opportunity to get in front of people’s eyes.

Now, I'd love to say I have thousands of ravenous fans who were waiting patiently for Broken Patterns to come out and were horribly crushed when they couldn't get it on their iPhone. That's not reality for a reasonably new writer like myself. Most of my sales come from someone stumbling upon my book in the Amazon store. It stands to reason that if I’m in more stores, more people will stumble upon me. That’s the best feeling, isn’t it? When someone new finds your book and finds their new favorite character? I love that. 

There’s no one right answer for authors. What works well for me might not work at all for you. So if you’re considering it, take some time to weigh the pros and cons. I think it’s working out well for me, though.


In Devon’s world, magical work is as common as turning a pot or fletching an arrow. What isn’t common is a man with thread magic.


When Devon finds that he is a seer, weaving prophetic tapestries, his family tries to keep it a secret.But the family can’t hide Devon’s visions after he predicts a devastating plague in the dragon lands of Coveline. He travels there to help the dragon queen save her people.


Meanwhile, Devon’s sister Lenore joins the Church of Singular Light. As Lenore learns to serve, and falls in love with her city, she discovers a dark underbelly to the church.Lenore fights for her city, and Devon rushes to find a cure to the plague, while an unseen enemy raises an army to destroy Septa from within.

Now available on Amazon AND Smashwords


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